Dior Sent Models Down A Conveyor Belt Catwalk And Twitter Can't Cope

The luxury fashion house took the 'walk' out of 'catwalk' for its winter 2019-2020 menswear show in Paris on January 18.

Instead of models strutting their stuff down the runway as per a regular fashion show, Dior artistic director Kim Jones threw out the rule book and had models simply stand, motionless, as they were carried along on a conveyor belt.

And what a conveyor belt it was -- at 76 metres in length, it's longer than a footy field.

Just imagine trying to stand perfectly still for that long? Thank goodness no one tripped and a domino-type situation didn't occur.

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The innovative show -- which was presented just meters from the iconic Eiffel Tower, of course -- attracted a mixed bag of comments online.

This user summed up their sentiment succinctly.

Image: Twitter/@BoF.

Another took the opportunity to throw a bit of shade Kendall Jenner's way.

Image: Twitter/@BoF.

Some had a practical reason for hating it.

Image: Twitter/@BoF.

So ... is this the end of the 'model' as we know it?

Image: Twitter/@BoF.

Another user compared the models to "hangers in a store" -- ouch.

Having said all that, there was quite a bit of love for the catwalk-without-the-walk concept.

Image: Twitter/@BoF.

This isn't the first time a runway show has made us sit up and say WTF.

Back in 2015, designer Rick Owens showcased models wearing ... well, other models. The 'human backpack' is still giving us nightmares years later.

A 'human backpack' walks the runway during the Rick Owens show on October 1, 2015 in Paris. Image: Getty.

In 2018 the accessory du jour was apparently our own severed head -- according to Gucci's unnerving hospital-esque show at Milan Fashion Week at least.

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Models lost their heads -- literally -- at Gucci's Milan Fashion Week on February 21, 2018. Image: Getty.

That same year the drama happened off the catwalk when Sophia the robot sat front row at Alexander Wang's Fall 2019 show in New York.

Back at Dior, stars like British supermodel Kate Moss -- who wore an animal-print trench coat and a savage glare -- sat front row.

Actor and "house muse" Robert Pattinson was also there wearing ... well, whatever this is.

'Scuse us, we're off to get in some practice before the next show.

Feature image: Getty.