Serena Williams Wore Fishnets To The Tennis Today And What A Mood

The latest in Serena's awesome on-court outfits included tights and a green jumpsuit.

After causing a fashion furor in a catsuit in June, then rocking up at the US Open in an Off-White x Nike tutu designed by Louis Vuitton Menswear's artistic director and Off-White founder Virgil Abloh, Serena knows how to make an entrance on the court. And then some.

You see, after she got hammered by the French tennis officials for wearing the catsuit (made to help her with blood clots, incidentally) -- they said outfits like hers go "too far" --  the tennis great has made it her role to change things up at the tennis and make a stand, and frankly we can't get enough.

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So we were totally up for whatever she was going to wear to the 2019 Australian Open. And she has NOT disappointed. Enter Nike's new '90s-inspired romper. Heaven.

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And yes, we are talking fishnets underneath.

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What will she wear next?

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