Jameela Jamil Is Just So Relatable On The Critics Choice Red Carpet

The star is always choosing comfort. And we love her for it.

And for the Critics Choice awards, The Good Place star has done it again, this time wearing some rather intense boots under her Oscar De La Renta gown.

Jamil  -- who is presenting as well as being up for an award as part of the cast of The Good Place -- captioned the photo, "In comfort. Ankle Boots. The British way. Ready for Critics Choice benches."

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And Twitter responded with love. Of course. The woman is a kween.

It's not the first time she's mixed glam with good old fashioned sense -- earlier this month Jamil wore jeans under her gown to the Emmys, citing cold weather for her fashion choice.

She is forking fashion forward.

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And she looks AMAZING.

Image: Getty

But not everyone praised the 32 year old -- in fact, there was one question fans had about her post.

Good point, Alex.

Feature Image: Getty