Lindsay Lohan's Makeup Artist Spills On Her New 'Boss Beauty' Look

The actor-turned-party-girl-turned-beach-club-owner is rocking a fresh new look and it's all down to her current go-to makeup artist, Rob Scheppy.

Scheppy has taken LiLo's look from Hollywood bad-gal to "boss beauty" -- his words, not ours.

It's all in aid of her new MTV reality series, Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, which sees the 32-year-old donning her boss hat to wrangle a team of young staff working at her new club in Mykonos, Greece.

Scheppy spent months with Linds on set in the Mediterranean and told Refinery29 that her new beauty beat signifies a "turning point" for the once-troubled star.

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The key element in the Parent Trap actor's poolside look? A bold lip.

Yep, as simple as that. According to Scheppy the summer heat meant that too much makeup was a no-go. Luckily the "young and beautiful" Lohan didn't need much anyway.

Scheppy called out Koh Gen Do's Aqua Foundation as a fave for those with freckles like Lohan -- "It isn’t heavy and leaves the skin dewy, so you can still see the gorgeous skin underneath."

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Good skincare was "a must" for the redhead, with Scheppy citing MDNA's exxy yet "luxurious" skin masks, serum, and face roller as her pre-makeup ritual.

"She's also good about not going in the sun too much. The beach club has cabanas and umbrellas that help minimise exposure."

It sounds like the pair had a lot of fun dipping into Scheppy's beauty case and trying out different things -- "We got to play a lot," he said.

Feature image: Instagram/@robscheppy.