Why Did Everyone Wear The Same Shirt To FOMO Festival?

A $29 blue-and-yellow striped men’s shirt from Cotton On seems to be the uniform of choice for festivals this year.

Called the ‘festival shirt’ on the Cotton On website, it's turned out to be the new hot item, with 100s wearing it in the hot mosh pits of Aussie festival season.

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 The trend was first spotted at FOMO in Adelaide by Instagram user @Ohhellocallum, who made this lovely montage, shared on a radio station's website.

And it wasn't just him who noticed the trend.

Even the wearers of said shirt were grouping together.

The shirt -- which looks like this...

... retails for $29.99, is 100 percent viscose, and comes in a variety of colours, but it seems that yellow suits all skin tones -- or at least all bro tones. It's also described on the site:

"Bold stripes and bright pops of colour make the Festival Shirt a must-have this party season. A slim fit that's super lightweight, this button down will have you celebrating from day to night."

However, given that it's all man-made fibres, we can't see it being very breathable.

Still each to his own.

Feature Image: Facebook / Cotton On.