Golden Globes 2019: Here's All The Ways The Stars Got Ready

In just a few hours the brightest stars in the Hollywood skyline will sashay down the red carpet for the 2019 Golden Globe Awards.

Believe it or not, celebrities are actually a lot like us (crazy, right?), and they too require a whole lot of help and time to get ready for a big night like The Globes.

From Kristen Bell's decision to "eat as much as humanly possible", to Alison Brie's hair mask -- here are all the weird and wonderful ways the stars primped and preened their way to perfection.

Check back through the day for more updates as the stars continue to share their secrets!

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Jameela Jamil

And, as if we needed another reason to worship her, she went on to share this video which showed her wearing jeans under her dress.

Sandra Oh
Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard

Alex Borstein

Ricky Martin

Jessica Chastain
Alison Brie
Ryan Seacrest

Kristin Cavallari

Alyssa Milano

Candice Bergen

Terry Crews

Brian May

Charlize Theron

Lili Reinhart
Thandie Newton

Dakota Fanning