Five Beauty Experts Reveal The One Thing They Want Us To Stop Doing

When it comes to taking care of our skin we're all guilty of cutting corners every now and then.

Oh please, come on, you know exactly what we're talking about -- from not taking off your makeup before bed, to lathering your skin in coconut oil and letting it burn to a crisp in the summer sun and everything in between.

So, to help you along on your beauty journey, we reached out to some of the top beauty minds in the country to discover all the ways we're f**ing up our skin and how to fix them.

Get A Good CLeansing routine

Emma Hobson, who is the education manager at Dermalogica, told 10 daily that when it comes to our skincare we need to pay more attention to our cleansing routine.

"Having a poor routine is the worst," she said. "It only takes a second or two in the morning and the evening to make sure your skin is properly clean."

Hobson added that most people also use the "wrong cleanser for their skin" which only accentuates any underlying issues and may even create new ones.

"Good cleansing is the foundation of healthy, vital skin," she said.

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Stay Away From Trends

Beauty therapist Amy Erbacher has worked with some pretty big names in her time, we're talking the likes of Miranda Kerr, Nicole Kidman and Delta Goodrem. She told 10 daily that we need to stop following trends when it comes to our skincare and stick to what we know best.

"Just because a product may be in vogue does not mean it will work for your skin type or current skin condition," she said.

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Stop Exfoliating So Much

Forensic nutritionist Fiona Tuck (what a job title) and spends a lot of her time helping people fix their skin through natural means. For her, one of the worst possible things we can do is over exfoliate.

"Many people including professionals think regular exfoliation is key to healthy skin," she explained. "While it can certainly help some skin conditions, the majority of people I see exfoliate way too much."

Tuck said things like hydroxy acid cleansers and serums, scrubs, microdermabrasion and regular peels tend to get overused to the point they can then be detrimental to the skin.

She explains:  "Too much exfoliating on a skin that does not need it can disrupt and weaken the natural barrier function of the skin which can lead to skin sensitivity, dehydration and breakouts."

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Ditch The Face Wipes

Don't feel guilty about this one. For goodness sake, even Meghan Markle is a fan of them.

But we should really stop using them, according to beauty therapist Belinda Hughes.

"They don't remove makeup and dirt properly and are often full of stripping ingredients like alcohol that disrupts the skin's natural barrier, leaving your skin dirty, red and irritated," she said.
Always Wear Sunscreen

If there is one thing you need to carry in your beauty arsenal all day and every day it's sunscreen.

Stefanie Pratico from 10 Styling said  a good old bottle of SPF is the one proven mainstay to keep your skin looking younger

"Wear it every day," she said. "It is honestly the only thing that will delay the ageing process as the sun damage is the most ageing thing there is."

Now you know, no excuses.

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