Meet The Woman Behind The Bikini Brand Rocking Instagram

Scrolled through your Instagram feed lately? Well, chances are you've seen Andie Swim.

The label was started in 2016 by Melanie Travis and has already managed to amass a healthy social media following thanks to its positive body image message urging all women to "love your swimsuit".

Travis told 10 daily she was inspired to create the line "one summer while working at a lake retreat".

"I really struggled to find a swimsuit for that trip," she explained. "I just couldn’t find anything that felt minimal and timeless at an accessible price point."

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Travis said that after speaking with many of her female friends who lamented their frustrations about swimwear shopping she realised there was a gap in the market and decided to do something about it.

So, in 2016, Andie Swim was born.

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How Did It Get Started?

The process of creating the brand's first few pieces was a tough one, according to Travis.

After teaming up with a designer friend to help develop sketches they ran a crowdfunding campaign to help raise money in order to manufacture their first run of swimsuits.

And it went a lot better than expected.

"Over 300 women pre-ordered a swimsuit from the campaign, and everyone who pre-ordered was able to vote on their favourite sketches and give us overall feedback on the direction of the collection," she said.

Then after months of sampling and refining the suits, Travis said she put in an order for 400 units. "A few months later they were ready to ship. I didn't have a warehouse yet so I had them shipped to our apartment and I put up our website and then we began selling the suits," she said adding that "the units sold faster than we could have imagined, and the rest of the year was just a constant race to keep up with demand."

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What's The Collection Like?

Travis said that when she originally set out to design Andie Swim she wanted to create a product "for me first and foremost".

"I wanted a swimsuit which women could feel comfortable no matter what they enjoy doing," she said.

"Whether that's doing activities at the beach such as running or volleyball, or chasing their kids around, or whether they just want to sit back poolside and sip on a cocktail".

Travis keeps the collection's colour palette simple, but customers have the option to mix-and-match separates --  creating their own bespoke look.

"I want Andie to be brand that offered timeless, minimal styles," she said.

Who Will It Suit?

Anyone and everyone.

For Travis, her main goal of creating the label is to make women wearing it "feel happy and confident".

"I hope they feel empowered to live their best lives confidently, whether chasing their kids on the beach, on a vacation with girlfriends, or with their in-laws," she said.
How Does It Work?

The brand is purely based online and offers women a curated selection of swimwear -- one-piece and separates -- with nothing costing more than AU$140.

Plus, they also offer free shipping, returns and exchanges, so women can try the products out in their home on and send back anything they aren't immediately in love with.

Feature Image: Instagram