Rihanna's 'Fenty Beauty' To Launch Concealer In 50 Shades

Everyone's BFF Rihanna has announced that her beauty line will be dropping a brand new product.

The singer took to her Instagram account to share a video of herself using the concealer to prove just how effective it is.

In the video, a makeup-free Rihanna begins by wishing her fans a "Happy New Year", before announcing that "half of y'all looking busted".

Which is why she goes on to say, she is dropping the video tutorial today.

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"We are here," she said. "Fenty Beauty to the rescue. We are making a brand new concealer."

According to RihRih, finding your perfect shade is easy.

"As long as you know your Pro Filter shade -- we have a corresponding concealer to match," she said.

The singer is, of course, referring to her beauty line's trend-setting move of releasing 40 different foundation shades.

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For those of us hopeless makeup addicts who want it all but have no idea how to use it, Rihanna also shared a two-minute video on YouTube explaining the various ways she uses the concealer.

The singer revealed that she likes to mix it up a bit, and sometimes applies the formula directly to her skin, while other times she likes to dab a little onto her hand first.

"Especially with a formula like this that dries down and mattifies eventually, you expect it to start getting tacky," she said, "but this formula does not."

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Last year Rihanna achieved the impossible by creating a lip shade that pretty much suited every skin tone.

The #STUNNA Lip Paint came in a rosy mauve shade that was "hand-picked" by the goddess herself.

Just take all our money already.

Feature Image: YouTube