There's A New Type Of Underwear You Can Wear For Weeks Without Washing

No doubt fed-up with the arduous daily task of having to put on clean underwear, Danish company Organic Basics, has invented a type of underwear you can wear for weeks without changing.

According to the brand's website, the idea was born out of the desire to make the fashion industry -- which they refer to as a "dirty bastard"-- more sustainable.

The write: "We were tired of regularly buying, wearing, washing, and throwing away our overpriced big branded underwear ... and decided that it could be done much better".

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A piece from the women's collection. Source: Organic Basics

Their entire design ethos is based around "keeping it simple" with the brand shunning season trends in favour of a classic collection.

OK, great, but how can you actually wear underwear for weeks on end without your nether regions turning into a swarming cesspool of bacteria? Not to mention the smell.

Apparently, it's all down to SilverTech the fibre used to create the underwear.

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A piece from the men's collection. Source: Organic Basics

According to the company, the addition of silver into the otherwise pure cotton fabric provides an antibacterial effect.

They wrote: "Silver has historically been used as an antimicrobial piece of technology. Fun fact; the ancient Greeks would put silver coins into their water to keep it clean and pure."

Fun indeed.

The products are also woven using another special fibre called Polygiene, which helps to eliminate any odour-causing bacteria.

The reviews on the site have all been extremely positive, with many people remarking how "comfortable" the underwear is -- sadly, however, no one has been game enough to reveal just how long they wore their pair for.

Feature Image: Getty