Jesinta Franklin's New Haircut Is Giving Us Major Summer Vibes

They say a haircut can be as good as a holiday.

And, well, if that's the case, former Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Franklin has just done a 'round the world cruise.

The 27-year-old model shared her latest hair reinvention on her Instagram story.

A video posted to Jesinta's account showed her sitting in a salon chair while a hairdresser worked his magic, transforming her chin-length bob into a pixie cut.

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Jesinta getting the chop. Source: Instagram/@jesinta_franklin

A pleased-looking Jesinta filmed the entire makeover on her phone and looked pretty damn pleased with the finished result. Then again, if you looked like this, wouldn't you?

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Jesinta post chop. Source: Instagram/@jesinta_franklin

It's not the first time Jesinta has unveiled a pretty major hair change.

In October she debuted this rose gold hue which blended seamlessly with her sun-kissed complexion.

Long before that, however, she shocked everyone and their grandmother when she went from having long honey brown locks...

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To a blunt peroxide blonde bob that just screamed FARSHUN.

Let's just marvel at this truly remarkable piece of follicle architecture...

Yes, girl. Werk It.


Feature Image: Instagram/@jesinta_franklin