Justin Bieber Released A Range Of 'Cheap Hotel Slippers' And They're Already Sold Out

The Biebs could clearly never say never to a foray into the world of fashion and unveiled the first product for his new brand, The House Of Drew, on December 26.

Called 'cheap hotel slippers,' the casual footwear are made of plush white fleece and feature foam soles and a bright yellow smiley face embroidered on the toe.

Described on the brand's site as "perfect for drew house guests" -- whatever that means -- the slippers are priced at a cheap and cheerful $7, but alas, they're all sold out.

The 24-year-old spruiked the shoes on his personal Instagram account on Boxing Day, and by the looks of his new wife Hailey Bieber's page she may have received a pair for Chrissy. Lucky gal!

Guess we'll just have to keep an eye out for a re-stock then.

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Hey, Drew -- Bieber wore a House Of Drew hoodie on November 1, 2018. Image: Getty.

Oh, wait -- you didn't know Biebs was working on a fashion line in the first place?

The "Baby" singer created an Insta account with the handle @drewhouse -- Drew is his middle name -- back in November after reportedly applying for an apparel trademark under ‘The House of Drew’ and ‘La Maison Drew’ at the start of the year.

Before the slippers dropped in December we'd not heard much about his upcoming venture although it looks like Biebs had been gently teasing -- or trolling -- us the whole while.

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The newlywed has been spotted wearing a series of t-shirts hoodies bearing the brand's smiley logo for a while now, hinting that there's much more to come from The House Of Drew.

Stay tuned, people!

Feature image: Instagram/@drewhouse, Getty.