Low-Rise Jeans Are Threatening A Comeback And The Internet Is So Very Scared

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare your butts -- and legs -- for a denim renaissance in 2019.

In this topsy-turvy world of old-is-new-again fashion, groovy '70s flared jeans are supposedly making a big return.

Now, another huge trend from the past -- this time the early to mid-2000s -- is staging a comeback, at least according to sartorial site The Cut.

That's the low-rise, bellybutton-exposing jean made popular by it-girls of the era Paris Hilton, Hilary Duff, Rihanna et al.

Low rise lovers -- Paris in 2000, Jessica Alba in 2002 and Rihanna in 2005.  Image: Getty.

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The news comes just after we'd all sighed in relief into our nice, comfy and full-coverage 'mom jeans' too.

Yup, bumsters, hip-huggers, low-riders -- whatever you call those jeans with the tiny three cms zipper -- are seeing a resurgence thanks to the it-girls of today.

Models and street style stars like Bella Hadid and Spice Girl-turned-designer Victoria Beckham have all been sporting decidedly lower waistlines of late.

Then JLo went and wore a pair of low-rise trousers -- with a built-in exposed thong to boot -- signalling the return of 2000s style for good.

How low can you go? Hadid and Beckham reinterpret the bumster. Image: Getty.

But not everyone is happy about their wardrobe time-travelling back to 2002.

For many on Twitter, the thought of wrestling on a pair of bumsters is a legit farshun nightmare.

Some flat-out refuted the claim.

Others made bold threats.

For one, the reappearance of low-rise jeans preempted a brow-pocalypse. Yikes.

It's just a stressful time, okay?

There are several reasons for the anti-bumster sentiment.

Unlike the universally flattering high-waisted or 'mom-style' jeans that took over the reigns toward the start of the 2010s, their low-riding predecessors aren't exactly suited to all body shapes and sizes. 

With such a low, bottom-skimming waistline, the very act of bending over, sitting down or simply moving carries a high risk of butt crack exposure.

Those who favour g-strings are forever on whale tail alert. Perhaps we all just need to own it, à la JLo?

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Then there's the requisite 'hike up' of the jeans after they inevitably slither of one's hips every ten minutes or so.

Hot take -- the term 'hip-hugger' is a farce and we all know it -- there's no hugging going on at all.

For die-hard high-waisters, there's only one thing left to do and that's go into doomsday prepper mode and stockpile every pair you can get your hands before the low-rise tsunami hits.

If it ever does, of course.

As one Twitter user sagely observed, when it comes to popular opinion on the return of low-rise denim, many are siding with their mothers.

And we are so okay with that -- mother does know best, after all.

Feature image: Getty.