These Will Be Our Top Beauty Trends For 2019 According To Pinterest

Get ready to shine.

So long 2018. It's been real.

Yes, OK, there are still a few weeks to go, however, just like when heading to any big party, it's about time we all started prepping our beauty arsenal for 2019.

According to Pinterest, next year is going to be a pretty damn quirky one for beauty -- with grey hair, bold pouts and almond nails all set to go big in 2019.

So what else made the list? Let's break it down:

Hooray For Grey

Toss out that bottle of colour because 2019 is set to be the year you can finally let you grey come through in all its silver-hued glory.

According to Pinterest searches for 'going grey' is up 879 percent. Let's be honest, if sticking to a beauty trend means less work for us then we are SO THERE.

Dip It

Get ready to say sayonara to shellac in 2019, because powder dipping is going to be to way to go. Not only is it healthier for your nails, but it also lasts longer. Searchers for the term 'powder-dip nails' on Pinterest were up by a whopping 442 percent.

Baby Fringes Go Highbrow

If you're wondering WTF a 'baby fringe' is, then you're in luck. See, 'baby fringes' are basically short fringes ... only a little shorter. They sit above the eyebrows and can be either blunt or whispy. According to Pinterest searches for short fringes are up 51 percent.

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Go big or go home. That's gonna be the trend when it comes to eyelashes in 2019. But instead of falsies, next year is all about natural ways to increase your lashes -- with Pinterest reporting a 52 percent increase in the number of people searching for 'natural lash lifts'.

Think serums and oils.

Standout Pouts

Pucker up because those red vixen lips will be a vibe for 2019. According to Pinterest we're getting ready to kiss nudes goodbye with the site reporting a 467 percent increase in the number of searches for 'standout lip colour'.

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Just Like Magic

Looks like we'll be seeing a return to old-school beauty fixes with Pinterest reporting a 305 percent increase in the number of people searching for 'witch hazel'.

No wonder, apparently it's also a huge favourite of Meghan Markle.

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Go Glossy

Looks like nude has had its time in the sun, with luscious glossy looks in season for next year.

From lips to lids to cheeks -- Pinterest saw an 89 percent rise in the number of people searching for 'glossy make-up'.

Almond Joy

OK, so we already know that powder-dip nails will be a thing in 2019, but almond nails? Huh? Please explain.

Well, according to Pinterest it's all to do with the shape of your nails. Instead of short and square, next year we'll be seeing a lot more oval shaped manicures making the rounds with the site reporting a 97 percent increase in searches for 'almond nails'.

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Rub Down

More and more of us are lathering up and getting ready to scrub away the grease and grime of the day with at-home body exfoliators, with Pinterest reporting that searches for liquid exfoliators increased by 58 percent.

Lilac Locks

If you're not into grey, it seems that purple -- specifically lilac -- will still be reigning next year.

Right off the back of the pastel hair trend, lilac hair gives wearers the options to go full on radiant or opt of a more washed-out look (perfect for those corporate gigs). Pinterest reported a huge 1,077 percent increase in the number of searches for 'lilac hair'.

Feature Image: Instagram