How Often Do You Really Need To Wash Your Hair? We Asked An Expert

One, two or three times a week?

Or what about every day?

Look, it's one of the most contentious questions when it comes to hair care and that's primarily because everyone has a preference. Some people prefer that everyday clean feel, while other's don't mind running their hands through a few greasy strands every now and then.

Personal preference aside, there is actually (believe it or not) a right and wrong amount of washing you should put your hair through on a weekly basis.

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To find out, we asked Jarod Laing, who's a colourist and stylish with Edwards And Co. salon in Sydney. According to Jarod, the whole hair washing debate isn't as clear-cut as it seems.

In fact, it all depends on your hair type -- which, according to Jarod, plays a huge role in how long you can go between a wash.

If You've Got Fine Hair

Wash cycle -- every two to three days

Jarod said that as tempting as it is to have freshly washed, voluptuous hair every day, washing it every day can cause "more harm than good".

"Cleansing your hair every day can strip your natural oils from the scalp and dehydrating your ends," he said. To combat that, Jarod recommends those with fine hair push back their wash days "as much as they can".

He also recommends using Virtue Labs FULL shampoo + Conditioner, designed to rebuild your hair by filling in any gaps in the hair shaft.

If You've Got Thick Hair

Wash cycle -- every five to seven days

It's basically good news all 'round for those lucky enough to have thick hair.

Thick-haired girls can usually get away without washing for longer and there's more hair to absorb the oils, which will lead to more brilliance and shine.

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If You've Got Coloured Hair

Wash cycle -- three to four days

That said, Jarod recommends leaving as many days as you possibly can between washes because the more you wash coloured hair the quicker the shade will fade.

"It's best to keep the washing to a minimum," he said.  "But when you do wash it, you want to use haircare created for coloured hair, to give your hair the hydration it needs because a good colour starts with hydrated hair."

Jarod recommends using the wheat germ colour fixator range from Christophe Robin.

If You've Got Curly Hair

Wash cycle -- three to seven days

Those among us rocking the curls have the biggest leeway when it comes to days between washes.

According to Jarod, curly hair is naturally more porous ( which means it doesn't hold on to moisture, as most of our curly haired friends already know) so by giving it more time to absorb your natural oils you're only going to be doing it a world of good.

If You've Got Dry Hair

Wash cycle -- three to five days

Jarod said that "depending on the condition, you want to be getting as much moisture and natural oils into your hair as possible."

He advises that if your hair is very dry to try 'co-washing' which is washing your hair with conditioner and cleansing treatments instead of shampoo to prevent any unnecessary moisture removal.

Jarod recommends Re.Store by Kevin Murphy.

If You've Got Oily Hair

Wash cycle -- variable

Jarod said that because there can be a number of reasons why your hair is producing excess oil, from hormones, to using the wrong products on your hair. He recommends starting by giving your hair a heavy brush with a bristled brush the night before washing.

"This will help spread your natural oils through to the lengths," he said. "Your scalp creates more oil when it knows the ends are dry."

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