This YouTuber's Semi-Permanent Freckle Fail Will Leave You Shook

"WELLLLLL, sometimes I make bad decisions. this was one of them."

The internet is now home to yet another beauty blunder, and it makes everyone else's past stuff-ups -- like that poor girl who burnt off bits of hair with a curling iron -- look like child's play.

German YouTuber Naomi Jon attempted to give herself semi-permanent freckles using henna dye, and it went totally, spectacularly wrong.

In the video posted on December 9, the 22-year-old makeup lover explained that she saw another YouTuber beauty vlogger use henna to achieve a cute, freckled face and it inspired her to try it out.

But while Emily of account @uglysxegirl's freckles were light and natural-looking, Jon's were much, much less so.

That's even after the two chatted and swapped tips beforehand.

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Jon, who was sporting carrot-coloured locks at the time, opted for an orange brown shade of henna as instructed but from then on things started to go south.

Image: YouTube/Naomi Jon.

She really didn't hold back with the application, dotting faux freckles all over her cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and even below her eyebrows.

The henna had begun to sting, but Jon perservered even though her skin turned an angry red underneath. Girl, when your skin is sizzling, it's time to pull the plug!

When the time came to wipe off the henna, what Jon revealed was more chicken pox then sunkissed skin.

Image: YouTube/Naomi Jon.

It was so bad she said she'd have to bail on work the next day. Tbh we'd call in sick, too.

Commenters on the YT vid were a bit perplexed, with some questioning:

"Whyy people are obsessed with freckles!! I hate hate mine LOL they look like I have a black head or something"

Another piped up:

"Because people always want what they dont have... ironic !"

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Image: YouTube/Naomi Jon.

Instead of bursting into tears, Jon rallied and attempted to cover the freckles -- resembling a red rash -- with foundation.

Despite reaching for the big guns like Tarte's Shape Tape and Dermacol foundation -- which are both used to conceal tattoos -- Jon's new freckles still peeped through.

And by 'peeped' we mean they were about as obvious as Jon's flaming hair.

Image: YouTube/Naomi Jon.

Then Jon did what we all would in that situation -- she asked Google wtf to do.

Henna removal remedies like salt and olive oil, lemon juice and toothpaste all popped up, but thank goodness Jon decided against all of them.

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Toothpaste is good in small doses when you want to dry out a pimple, but all over your face? Nope.

Image: YouTube/Naomi Jon.

Luckily Jon was able to have a laugh at herself -- even comparing her look to a certain blood-thirsty doll -- but here's hoping she thinks twice before picking up that henna again.

She took to Instagram stories a few days later to share a freckle update, and it looks like the once-flaming spots have mellowed somewhat. Phew!

Image: Instagram/@naomijon.

Feature image: YouTube/Naomi Jon.