Move Over Ultra-Violet, This Is The Hot New Colour Trend For 2019

Feeling blue? Well in 2019 you will be, according to a colour trends report.

Ultra violet was the it-colour of 2018 (thanks Pantone), but that's all set to change.

That's according to the folks at stock photo site Shutterstock, who analysed pixel data together with image download data -- which sounds like hard work tbh -- to put their finger on the most popular hues from around the world.

A trio of turbo-charged colours -- aptly-named UFO Green, Plastic Pink and Proton Purple -- are set to take over the globe in 2019.

Green, pink AND purple? We're all for embracing the rainbow but that just sounds like a hot mess tbh.

The colour forecast for Australia is rather more refined, thank goodness.

Navy blue will apparently be making waves down under, with the moody colour zooming to the top of the popularity list.

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Overseas, Japan is set to start a love affair with lavender blush, while Brits will get caught up in a rich plum hue.

So what does this mean for us? Well, you can expect to see a sea of navy wash over the design, home decor and fashion industries for a start.

We're not sure about you but we are ready to welcome 2019's hot new hue into our wardrobes.

If you look closely you might already see navy peeping out of your Instagram feed, with several brands and farshun peeps already embracing the colour.

The colour itself has its roots in -- unsurprisingly -- the British Royal Navy, which has outifitted its officers in the hue since 1748.

If the thought of navy doesn't get you excited, remember that there are a few variations of the colour, including Bright navy blue, which was was formulated as a Crayola color in 1958, and Indigo dye, which is the basis for all the historical navy blue colors.

Peacoat is a dark shade of navy blue, while Purple navy is technically a shade of indigo.

Persian indigo was also known in the past as regimental, because in the 19th century it was commonly used by many nations for navy uniforms.

Space cadet was formulated in 2007 and is on the Resene Color List, a colour list widely popular here in Aus and New Zealand. 

This variant was apparently inspired by the uniform that cadets in space navy training would wear.

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Navy has also got the royal tick of approval. The newly-minted Duchess of Sussex has stepped out in navy multiple times, in particular during her and hubby Prince Harry's royal tour down under in October 2018.

Case in point: when Meghan donned a regal-looking dress by Aussie designer Dion Lee for an event in Melbourne.

Here's a navy tidbit to impress your mates: back in the late 1980s the colour was one of the original 16 HTML/CSS colours initially formulated for standardized computer display.

See, what's old -- and daggy -- IS new again, eventually.

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Now, we're off to add half a wardrobe's worth of navy to our ASOS cart. Bye!

Feature image: Instagram@theiconicau, Instagram@marieclaireau, Instagram@maisonvalentino.