We Tried That Pink Mud Clay Mask That's All Over Instagram

And here's what we thought.

I have super sensitive skin. If I sneeze I break out. Which is why I’m incredibly careful what I put on it and usually just stick to the good old dermatologist recommended brigade.

But as I did my daily (read: hourly) scroll through my Instagram feed, I couldn't help becoming a little curious about Sand & Sky's Pink Clay Mask. Basically, because IT WAS EVERYWHERE.

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The videos of people trying out the mask and revealing their results were hypnotic. Watching it was like beauty crack. I couldn't get enough of seeing the shimmer and gleam of freshly cleaned skin.

"Look, I don't even need makeup!" one girl exclaimed as she gently stroked her milky white cheek.


But is it all hype? Is it all smoke and mirrors? We ordered some the product and put it to the test.


I'd like to think my skin was not too bad for a 32-year-old mum-of-one. I'm super conscious of the fact that I've got bags (suitcases, more like it) under my eyes from a severe lack of sleep -- but, as I'm sure any new parent can attest, a good night's sleep isn't something I can look forward too anytime soon.

I've also got a bit of discolouration which really only sprouted up after giving birth -- apparently, it's a thing -- and I still suffer hormonal breakouts from time-to-time.

Overall, my skin feels dry and some days seems so bent out of shape, it has no glow whatsoever.

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The Product

Early points go purely for the fact that the mask comes in a paste and not a power form, meaning I don’t need to worry about getting specks of pink clay all over the bathroom.

The product comes with a tiny paintbrush, allowing you to basically paint the paste onto your skin.

This makes getting reaching those difficult areas, like your temples and under your nose, a whole lot easier. It’s a slap on job that took less than a minute to complete.

The consistency is thick and creamy, kind of like really rich cake batter, meaning it doesn't drip once you've applied it.

How Does Pink Clay Work?

There are a bunch of different kinds of clay masks on the market -- white, green and black -- but pink clay is known to be the gentlest of them all.

According to Nourished Life, pink clay is rich in silica which can help promote skin renewal and also help calm and nourish problem skin.

Dermatologist Dr Andrea Tomizawa told 10 daily that masks -- such as pink clay -- have a range of benefits.

"These include removing impurities and oil for acne, nourishing and hydrating the skin for dry skin, exfoliating and removing dead skin, brightening, and even aiding to firm and plump areas of the skin. It’s important to know your skin type so you can choose the right mask for you"
The Wait

I set my iPhone timer to 15 minutes, grabbed a glass of red and waited for the mask to work its magic. It didn’t take long for it to start -- not long after apply my face began to feel so tight I could barely talk, let alone smile.

You could see the places on my skin where the mask had got to work which was mainly all the open pores.

By the time the 15 minutes was up it had become uncomfortably tight and I was desperate to wash it off. It's important to note that despite the mask feeling tight and uncomfortable at no point did my skin feel irritated or sting in any way.

A good sign for someone with such sensitive skin.


I used a warm, wet terry cloth to wipe the mask off my face -- I always find using a cloth rather than just your hands helps remove the product in one fell swoop.

The moment I saw a hint of skin shine through I knew the product was worth its weight in gold -- and that's not a cliche I often use.  Not only did my skin look shinier, but the mask had also given it an iridescent glow, usually only seen after I have A) had a good night's sleep and B) drank a tonne of water -- neither of which I have done in a LONG time.

The tone is definitely more even and my skin just seems brighter. Nope, no lighting tricks or anything like that.

To keep that glow going for as long as I could, I slathered my face in moisturiser (sensitive skin, of course). The benefits were still felt and seen the next day, with that glow still peaking through and my skin feeling a whole lot softer than the morning before.

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