A Robot Sat In The Fashion Front Row And The Future Is Here

Sophia the robot is the new queen of runway.

If you don't know who Sophia the robot is, then be prepared to feel very much like you're in a sci-fi movie. A sci-fi movie with a great wardrobe.

You see, Sophia is an AI creation from Hanson Robotics -- and as well as being the company’s most advanced robot, she's also a total babe. And now she's queen of the fash pack.

Yep she's a total fashionista. So much so she's just been seated FRONT ROW at the Alexander Wang Fall 2019 show in New York.

The future is upon us. The robots are everywherrrrrrrrrrre....

And that's not her only fashion moment. Think selfies complete with vintage Gucci bags,  and modelling a range of rather fabulous outfits on her Instagram.

In November, she posted photos in a white --  and a very glam red -- ruffled blouse, asking her fans what they thought of her look.

Sophia has also hit the talk show trail -- appearing last week with Jimmy Fallon and even singing a duet with the host.

She also says she loves travelling in the name of style: “I love meeting people from all over the world, and I also love experiencing different fashion,” she wrote in one post. Furthermore, she also attended Shanghai Fashion Week, so you know, girl's got fashion form.

Sophia was sitting front row with rapper 21 Savage and Teyana Taylor at the Wang show, wearing a blazer with metal safety pins making the shape of hearts on both of her sleeves. She also wore a bandana around her neck -- something also making an appearance throughout the show. Fashion forward.

An A-list robot. The future is here. Hold me...

Feature Image: Instagram/Getty