Pat McGrath's Makeup Is Coming To Sephora Next Week And We're Queuing Already

It looks like it's going to be a very sparkly Christmas...

In what can only be an early Christmas present for us all, Sephora has announced their final brand launch for 2018 -- and it's PAT McGRATH LABS.

Yes. Start squealing now.

Bow down, we're not worthy. And we will absolutely get online and buy every last piece!

The iconic makeup brand  -- which is at the moment only available to Aussies  from her own website -- is the brainchild of the most influential and revered makeup artist in the world, Pat McGrath, and in the words of a 10 daily staffer, "Pat does glitter like no one else."

Yes she does.

If you want more proof, check out her Instagram.

The woman herself  is a style machine and a trendsetter in beauty. And she is universally accepted to be the Queen of couture. Each season she creates beauty looks for more than 60 ready-to-wear and couture shows in Milan, Paris, London and New York. She is ICONIC.

Her makeup range is loved by everyone -- and we mean EVERYONE -- for its glossy, luxe loveliness. And the colours, oh the colours...

Not to mention the DAZZLING packaging.

We haven't been told what EXACTLY we will be getting when the capsule collection lands, but we're definitely hoping for some favourites.

The amazing  BlitzTrance Lipsticks, for example.

Or this, the Mthershp Subversive Metalmorphosis Palette.

We will find out just what we will be able to get our hot little hands on online from December 6, and in select stores soon after, and the larger range will be in nationwide stores next year.

Get ready for some glittery good times!

Feature Image: Pat McGrath/Instagram