Pudding Boobs Are Here To Wish You A Mam-Merry Christmas

Make a tit of yourself this silly season.

When it's not enough to simply wear your love for Christmas on your sleeve -- via an ugly Xmas sweater -- you need to go big. Or should we say, go boob?

That's what UK-based glitter cosmetics brand Go Get Glitter have done with their tit-ular and titillating festive creation: pudding boobs.

It is very much what it says on the pack -- boobs covered in glitter in the shape of a good old Chrissy pud, complete with a sprig of holly on top.

While it's not exactly clear if the mammary adornments are stick-on or hand-painted, the brand did tease some "exciting news" on their November 29 Instagram post.

Perhaps a DIY pudding boob kit is on its way? What a splendid stocking stuffer for nan!

If pudding boobs aren't your cup of festive tea then why not try a bauble bum on for size?

It's undeniably jolly, no ifs or butts about it.

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The NSFW Yuletide body art comes after a rather perky Halloween for the glitter brand, which celebrated by painting pumpkins on pert derrieres and lady lumps alike.

Image: Instagram/@gogetglitter.

It's not the first time boobs have been given a cheeky Christmas makeover. In 2017, it was all about the #reindeerboob ...

The trend for putting glitter on your tit(ters) -- or anywhere on your bod -- isn't that new.

A pair of sparkly boobs is de rigueur for festival-goers these days, and a top-to-toe glitter 'outfit' is an awesome way to celebrate what you've got while still keeping it ~artsy~.

We just hope they all remember a jacket for when it gets a bit ... nippy.

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So will you be putting your pudding where your mouth -- or chest -- is this Christmas? It'd liven up lunch with the rellies, that's for sure.

Feature image: Instagram/@gogetglitter.