Ditch The Razors, Men With Beards Make Better Partners

Time to go all Santa, sweetie -- a new study says facial hair makes women swoon.

Men, gather around. There is now research out there that can help you get a partner. Trouble is, even armed with this knowledge some of you may still not have much luck. You see, you need the ability to grow a beard.

For some men this may be bad news -- some can't get more than a messy stubble or a 5 o'clock shadow at best, others can't get past a jaunty mo... but you may want to keep trying.

It could get you laid, er we mean, a relationship.

Just weighing up his options. Image: Getty

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New data has emerged from a study called The Masculinity Paradox: Facial Masculinity and Beardedness Interact to Determine Women’s Ratings of Men’s Facial Attractivenes (catchy, right?). Conducted by the University of Queensland, the researchers showed over 8,000 female subjects a range of faces, on a wide spectrum from overtly masculine to overtly feminine.

All of the faces were also manipulated to show varying degrees of facial hair, as in the above. from squeaky-clean to, well Ned Kelly-style. Women were then asked to rank the faces in terms of attraction, both in terms of short term flings and longer term relationships.

The results showed a significant majority were attracted to bearded men for their longer-term option. They also liked more masculine-looking men for short term flings, with light or heavy stubble being a preference.

Why is this? The study reports that a beard can make a masculine-featured man seem a little softer, and a feminine-featured man a little harder. Basically, it seems beards are miracle workers and can also hide a host of unattractive or undesirable bits.

And apparently, that is what women like.

Feature Image: Getty