Deck The Halls With Brows Of Holly 'Cause Xmas Tree Eyebrows Are Now A Thing

So festive.

It's nearly Christmas and you know what that means? Decorations. Decorations everywhere. If you don't spot a speck of tinsel in at least every nook and cranny, did you even do Christmas at all?

To showcase just how dedicated you are to the festive season -- you now have permission to deck most of your face out in festive cheer. That's because Christmas brows are now a thing.

The trend can be traced back to 2017 when Instagram user tata_xx first posted this shot.

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It received mixed reviews at the time ... but fast-forward a year and the trend has well and truly taken off. While it sounds a tad outlandish, the finished product is actually quite beautiful.

Perfectly parted with a hint of bling.

You could easily head out to a Christmas party with these.

Green to keep in with the Christmas theme.

For the real artists out there -- Christmas lights.

And a jolly red hat to top it all off.

Feature Image: Instagram