Russian Nail Salon Creates Mini-Grilled Cheese Sandwich Manicure For Some Reason

Just when you thought you'd seen it all.

A beauty salon in Russia called Nail Sunny has gone and created quite possibly the most bizarre manicure ever.

A video of the creation was shared to the salon's Instagram page and shows a nail artist crafting a miniature cheese sandwich -- using real cheese -- and placing it on top of the customer's nails.

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Each half of the 'bread' is glued on separate nails -- allowing the wearer to pull the sandwich and the cheese apart -- just like a real grilled cheese sandwich.

While the 'bread' used appears to be a plasticine of some sort -- the inside of the sandwich is all made using real ingredients -- such as cheese and cucumber.

The salon is known for their somewhat outlandish creations.

Take for example their MAC manicure -- which featured actual makeup products from the beauty line, such as lipsticks, inserted into the acrylic nails.

Another element saw the nail technician cut off a small amount of the customer's hair and turn it into a mini makeup brush.

The team also created baby milk bottle nails -- which saw real milk syringed into a tiny plastic tube placed atop the acrylics.

Sometimes you just need to suffer for the art of fashion.

Feature Image: Instagram