Do You Really Need To Spend Big On Shampoo And Conditioner? We Asked An Expert

How much care does your hair really deserve?

So, a few months ago model Robyn Lawley sent everyone into a tizzy after revealing her must-have beauty product.

Turns out the Swimsuit Illustrated star -- who can likely get her hands on any number of fancy products -- prefers to wash her hair with a $2 shampoo and conditioner from Woolworths from the brand Organic Care.

Speaking to Mamamia, she said: "I used to be more high maintenance, but now with a daughter, I'm more slap and go."

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While it sounds great and very appealing, is washing your hair with a cheaper product really that good for it? According to Edwards and Co. hairdresser Natalie Ragusa absolutely not.

Ragusa told 10 daily that "cheaper products contain the kind of nasty ingredients you want to avoid."

"You want to look for something that's free of sufates, parabens and silicon, because it's these ingredients that damage and build up on your hair over time," she said.

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For those not in the know,  Ragusa explained that sufates and parabens act as foaming agents (like soap) which make you feel like you're getting a good clean, but what they're actually doing is stripping the natural oils from your hair.

She went on to say that silicon "tricks you into making you feel like your hair is nice and shiny as it covers each strand in plastic."

We love ORIBE Ultra Gentle Shampoo ($54) and Conditioner ($56).

As for how often we should be washing our hair, Ragusa said there's no set rule and it all depends on how you like your hair to feel.

"Some people like an every day clean and others wash once a week," she said. "There's no strict guideline to follow, but it's important to wash your hair if you have a build up of product in it so that it doesn’t effect the scalp".

If you're keen for that fresh hair feelin' but don't have time for a quick hair wash, Ragusa said not to stress because a spray of dry shampoo is perfectly fine.

"A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do and sometimes dry shampoo is life," she said.

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