You Guys, There's Actually One Haircut That Suits Everyone!

We're here to make your next trip to the hairdresser super easy.

Stop bothering to look through those lookbooks at the hairdresser, folks, or taking photos of celebrities into the salon and hoping that your poor stylist can make you look like the star in question.  We have answered the age old problem of how to get your hair cut once and for all.

You see, we asked TCT Global Hairdresser of the Year, Matrix Australia's Kobi Bokshish which haircut would suit anyone -- and he delivered. It's a bob.

"I always say the bob," he told 10 daily. "Because with the bob you can wear it in so many ways and you can cut it in so many ways, too."

*rushes to get bob*

"A hair cut is moving weight from place to place. Depending on what is sitting in front of me, what face shape -- I decide where I am going to put the weight. With a bob you can play with it. It can be short, long, round... whatever you want. The bob has been around for centuries and I don't think it will ever go out of fashion."

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At the heart of it, he told us, there are three shapes -- the triangular bob, the round bob and the square bob --  to play with.

"The triangular bob is longer at the front than the back, and  is suitable for someone with a round face  -- it will elongate their face shape," Kobi, owner of Intershape Hair in Bondi told 10 daily.

"Then we have the round bob which is shorter in the front, longer in the back, which suits someone with a slimmer face, it opens up the face and creates the illusion of shape."

A square bob is even length all the way round -- that works pretty much on everybody but you have to be careful because when you're working with straight lines, it's like a frame. When you're framing something you're enhancing what's in the centre of it."

In other words  -- if you don't like your nose, for example, don't draw attention to it with a square bob.

"You can also have a bob at different lengths," said Kobi. "You can have it shorter, at the cheekbones, all the way down to where it's longer, or longer -- the LOB."

And of course, there is also the fringe to bring into the equation. "Yep, you can have a long fringe, a short fringe, a jagged fringe... and that can work with each shape of bob. And if you have a short fringe on the square bob, for example, it will enhance the features inside your face, but if you're doing something with a longer Lob which is more of a veil fringe, it's a lot softer."

One of Kpbi's creations. Bob's your uncle. Image: Getty

Got it?

Okay, so what about colour. Is there also one shade that everyone can wear?

"It does depend on your skin tone but brown is almost like the bob in that there is something for everyone," Kobi told 10 daily." Anything from a  cool brown, controlled by blue tones, to a warmer brown with red tones can work. And Balayage --lightening the hair from the mid length to ends -- adds a bit of softness with some blonde around the edge. I always recommend Bond Ultimate from Matrix because you can push the hair further."

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"We call it "recession hair" because it started in the GFC when people couldn't afford to get their roots done as often, but it developed into a fashion and it really does add something."

And finally, would hairdressers -- who have to put up with us not getting cuts regularly, dyeing our hair at home and other tress-related crimes --  rather we spend our money on our colour or cut? If we can only afford one, which should it be?

"I think we could probably find  a happy medium and get them to do both, but if you had to pick one, always do the cut," Kobi said. "I feel like with the right cut you can make the colour look good, regardless of the colour you have."

Right, time to book in for our brown bobs, then.

Feature Image: Getty