Liz Taylor's Makeup Artist Revealed The Secret To Her Legendary Brows

Elizabeth Taylor is known for having some of the most iconic eyebrows to ever grace the silver screen.

And -- according to Liz's former makeup artist -- it didn't cost her a fortune to achieve her bold eye makeup looks.

Italian makeup artist Francesca Tolot -- who has also worked with Beyonce, Cher and Madonna -- has revealed that Taylor didn't even use a conventional brow pencil.

“She used an eyebrow pencil that was actually a drawing pencil, it wasn’t makeup. It was a special charcoal pencil from Germany,” Tolot told Page Six. 

Look at those perfect brows! Who knew it would be as easy as grabbing some Deutsche charcoal from your local art supply shop to look just like Liz.

Tolot revealed that when Taylor did her own makeup, "she would use everything".

“She was like a makeup artist would be: whatever works, it doesn’t matter if it’s cheap or expensive.”

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And while Liz -- the star of classic films including Cleopatra and Cat On A Hot Tin Roof-- had a natural instinct for makeup artistry, she wasn't overly obsessed with her appearance, Tolot said.

“She was very comfortable with being who she was and ageing gracefully and being wise,” Tolot explained.

“She had other interests in her life and she had way more important things to think about than how she looked. I never heard her complain about ‘Oh my God, my wrinkles’ or ‘Oh, I’m getting old.’ Never, never.”

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“I never tried to change her,” Tolot added. “There was really no reason and no point in changing Elizabeth Taylor.”

Tolot has previously told Vogue that she first met Taylor during a photo shoot for Helmut Newton in 1986.

"Although I barely spoke English there was an immediate connection, and we worked together for over two decades until she passed away," said Tolot.

"She was an incredibly beautiful, loving, loyal, and generous friend."

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