Emma Thompson Pulls A Major Boss Move Wearing Sneakers To Her Damehood

All hail the Dame!

Proving once again to be the  feminist hero women never knew we'd always wanted -- Emma Thompson has gone and worn not only sneakers to her Damehood, but also an equal pay badge and teal trouser suit.

Not content with disrupting all those archaic fashion rules, Thompson went on to reveal that she even got a little cheeky while accepting her accolade from Prince William.

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"I said, "I can't kiss you, can I?" the actress later recounted, to which Prince William remarked: "No, don't". The 59-year-old said she "sniggered" during parts of the ceremony as she's "known Prince William since he was little".

"We just sniggered at each other," she said. "If you’re first up you have to be more formal on such an occasion, but he’s looking wonderful and doing so well. He said to me, "This day isn’t about me, it’s about you."

Dame Emma went on to say she found the entire event "really lovely because I’ve always loved the boys and I’ve always been a long-term correspondent with their dad, it’s a very lovely feeling."

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The Love Actually star was recognised in the Queen's Birthday Honours list in June for her services to drama.

She was joined at the ceremony by her family: Her husband Greg Wise and their children Gaia and Tindyebwa.

Feature Image: Getty