A Top Hairdresser Reveals The Most Requested Hair Cut For 2018

Chop, chop!

As with all things in life everything has a season and hairstyles are certainly no exception.

In fact, if you're super keen, you can probably track each era based entirely on how people wore there hair. Think about it.

The '60s had the beehive, the '70s had the Afro, and the '80s had  crimping.

So, it makes you wonder with so many celebrities chopping and changing their hair so often these days, what style will 2018 be remembered for?

Well, according Edwards and Co. stylist and colourist, James Plain, it's all about the messy bob -- think Lara Worthington and Taylor LaShae.

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Model Taylor LaShae. Source: Instagram/@taylorlashae

Speaking to 10 daily, Plain said that getting the chop was becoming more and more popular among clients who "had been wanting to keep their hair long for years".

"One of my favourite haircuts at the moment is a textured bob cut in line with the lips," he said. To style, Plain advises we "blast dry and add a salt spray to create the ultimate lived in texture."

"If your hair is very fine a shorter haircut will make it look thicker and healthier," he said.

Lara Worthington showcasing the messy bob. Source: Getty

In terms of the most requested colour for 2018, Plain told 10 daily he's noticed that "back-to-back highlights and scalp bleaches" are becoming less popular due to the damage they do to your hair.

Plain said he's noticed more and more clients opting not to "go darker than their natural colour because their natural colour leaves them with a nasty regrowth."

Plain's colouring work showcased here. Source: Instagram/@jamesplain_edwardsandco

Instead the hairdresser said clients are sticking to colours that closely match their natural one. "Clients want easy grow outs so they aren't in the salon as often," he said. Plain advised anyone wanting to change up their colour but still err on side of natural to ask for a "root shadow" or "balayage".

"In regards to tone, golden and warm blondes are definitely in right now," he said.  "Warmer tones reflect more light and therefore make blondes look brighter."

Feature Image: Getty