Woman Orders "Tall" Jeans From ASOS, But What She Got Was Something Totally Bizarre

Yep, these are TALLLLLL jeans.

When "Sarah" ordered a pair of jeans from online retailer ASOS, she did what she had done many times before: ordered the version made especially for tall girls.

She ordered these:

The jeans -- a pair of Noisy May Tall Wide Leg Jeans, worth $119 -- look perfectly normal on the ASOS website, but when Sarah received her package, well, they didn't really look normal at all.

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They looked like this:

"I've ordered "Tall" off ASOS before and it usually fits because I'm kinda tall, I'm 180cm, but these were crazy!" Sarah told 10 daily.

"I even tried them with heels but they were still ridiculous."

Luckily she found the whole thing pretty funny, given that she could use said jeans as a denim maxi dress with a little alteration, telling 10 daily "I didn't return them because it was so funny. They'd be perfect for Slender Man!"

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She added that she would normally get them taken up to fit but had ordered a size smaller than she normally wore so that may not be a working solution.

Either way she's set for fancy dress if nothing else.

10 daily reached out to Noisy May for comment.