This New Foundation Is Also A Face Oil And We're Confused

An oily foundation? We're not sure about this ...

The words 'oil' and 'foundation' are enough to make most of us with acne-prone skin shudder.

Aren't oily, breakout prone complexions supposed to steer clear of, well ... oil?

A new type of wonder product wants to change all that.

It's called tinted or foundation face oil, and like it says on the pack it's a hybrid between skincare (aka the nourishing face oil) and makeup (the light-weight foundation.)

The double duty product has got the tick of approval from beauty insiders like Gwyn P's own goop, and Australia's Sammy Robinson.

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Still, we were a bit skeptical. So was goop's senior beauty editor Megan O’Neill, who road-tested Kosas' Tinted Face Oil ($58 from

According to O'Neill the tinted face oil was a game-changer for her acne-prone skin.

Kosas' Tinted Face Oil. Image: Kosas.

Unlike traditional foundations which often felt heavy on her skin, Kosas' offering was silky (that's the green tea, rose hip, jojoba, and meadowfoam oils), luminous and light.

She only needed a "tiny smidge" to conceal dark spots caused by fresh breakouts and brighten her tired complexion.

Beauty blogger Sammy Robinson repped another foundation/face oil hybrid in a tutorial for the MECCA Beauty Junkie YouTube channel.

She reached for the Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid by Josie Maran Cosmetics ($66 from to achieve a "lightweight but nice bronze-y complexion."

Vibrancy Argan Oil Foundation Fluid by Josie Maran Cosmetics. Image: MECCA.

Unlike O'Neill, Robinson didn't wear her foundation face oil as-is. Instead she mixed her chosen hue -- ‘Adventurous’ for those playing at home -- with NARS Liquid Laguna Bronzer for a sun-kissed effect

If her final look is anything to go by it might be an idea to jump on the foundation face oil bandwagon, even if it does scare us just a little bit.

Image: YouTube/MECCA BeautyJunkie.

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Feature image: Getty.