The New Feel-Good Tote From The Maker Of The Year's Most Viral Bag

You'll totes want one.

There's a new tote in town from the maker of that viral 'Ban The Single Use Prime Minister' bag, and this time it's all about the ladies.

The limited edition 'Women Are Totes Amazing' not only features a funny -- or should we say 'punny' -- slogan, but it looks smart and has a powerful message to boot.

The tote, made by Aussie label Sans Sheriff, aims to raise awareness about violence against women, with a percentage of the proceeds going to White Ribbon Australia.

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Yup, that's right -- $3 of the $22 black and white canvas bag will go toward helping those in need. Talk about feel-good fashion.

Gwen Blake, the creative mind behind Sans Sheriff, hinted to 10 daily back in October that she had something special planned as a follow up to her wildly popular PM bag.

"I'm working on a project which celebrates the sisterhood -- because I think women were such a humongous help through all of this," she told 10 daily.

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"I want to celebrate that, and I also want to give back, so there's a charity element to it that will give back to women."

Here's hoping this new tote takes the country by storm just like its predecessor, which has been spotted on the arms of everyone including ABC presenters Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb.

To order your own 'Women Are Totes Amazing' or to see more of Blake's designs visit her shop, Sans Sheriff.

Feature image: Instagram/@sans_sheriff.