The Adorable Youngster Who Stole Meghan's Heart With a Homemade Gift Is Now Selling Them

Remember Gavin Hazlewood?

He’s the adorable little boy who stole everyone's hearts on the Royal Tour, after giving Meghan Markle a necklace made out of pasta which she went on to wear.

Yup, that kid!

Well, now you too can own the necklace that made the world break out in a collective smile, because Gavin and his dad have created a website where they’re selling the item for $20 each.

But before you go awww, wait until you hear this adorable note: Gavin has pledged to donate every dollar he makes to charity.

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READ MORE: The Adorable Youngster Who Stole The Royal Show With His Homemade Gift

There he is! Source: Sarah Abo @_SarahAbo

“I want to be like the Prince and Princess and support charities,” the six-year-old wrote on his website.

“I made more necklaces the same as Meghan’s. If I sell them, I will donate all the profit to charity. I’d love to start my own charity in honour of my sister.”

Gavin wanted to start the charity to raise money for research into stillborn deaths after losing a baby sister in 2014.

"She's a part of our life every day still," Gavin's mum Rowan Hazelwood told Ten News.

"Even for the kids, and they talk to her every day."

Gavin won all our hearts after he dressed up in a pilot outfit to meet the Duke and Duchess Of Sussex when they visited Melbourne last week.

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Meghan seen wearing the necklace. Source: Getty

He was also holding up a sign that read: "I Made You A Necklace", which ultimately caught Meghan's attention and she ended up making a beeline for Gavin and chatting with him about his creation.

In fact, she was so taken about by the gift that she put it on over her designer custom-made Dion Lee dress.

As the day went on The Duchess was no longer seen spruiking the design from The House Of Gavin -- but that's probably because she's saving it for safe keeping.

Feature Image: Getty/Sarah Abo @_SarahAbo

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