Skincare Brand The Ordinary Shuts Down After Super Weird Video Post

There's something very out of the ordinary going on at The Ordinary.

Skincare brand Deciem -- the company responsible for uber popular range The Ordinary -- have shut down all operations after its founder Brandon Truaxe announced in a, well, kind of weird, Instagram video that he'd be finishing up the entire business.

Noooooooooo! What will we do without their cheap-but-amazing skincare?

*rushes to stock up*

Truaxe, who has made similarly loose videos before, speaks in the clip of "major criminal activity" from the backseat of a car, next to two men he says are colleagues. "This is the final post of Deciem," he says, " We will shut down all operations until further notice. We have two months. Please take me seriously."

And in a similarly strange Instagram post from two days ago, the founder goes on a long rant about needing 10 days to sort things out  -- asking his two coworkers to be ready to leave Toronto with him and mysteriously suggesting that after that period the company "will soon be much stronger than any of us could have dreamt, hoped, strategized or planned".

It's all very strange. Not ordinary at all, in fact.

But it's not the first time Truaxe has gone a little... intense. Earlier this year, he was accused of cutting the company's marketing team, seizing control of Deciem's social-media accounts, announcing the discontinuation of one of the company's lines without telling anyone who worked there, blocking fans who told him they were concerned about his wellbeing, and making racist comments about followers who questioned him.

 As it stand The Ordinary and other Deciem brands are still available to buy through online stockists, and Priceline in Australia has The Ordinary range in many stores -- though for how long is unclear.

Fans across the globe are -- understandably -- a little worried their fave skincare won't be available for much longer.

BRB, going to stock up on the range right now. That "Buffet" is one great product.