Save Twice As Hard, Chanel Wants You To Buy Two Handbags

It's time to start that second job, fashionistas.

If it wasn't hard enough to save up for one designer bag, now Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel have ruined life for everyone by sending models down the Paris runway with two handbags each.

Two. Chanel. Handbags.

Time for a remortgage.

The designer, who previously held the runway shows at a Chanel supermarket and with a rocket bearing the brand’s signature double “C” logo made his Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2019 runway into a beach -- yes, a beach -- complete with an ocean with gentle waves, blue sky, wooden docks and lifeguards. And a tiki hut for good measure. And then he sent the models down it.

As for the collection, there was some amazing beachwear, big straw hats, swimsuits, and Chanel logos in the form of belts, bathing suits, and cardigans.

And then there were the bags. Clipped together at the front, the classic designs were amazing, and the colours lovely. And the idea actually has merit.

Because you never know when you may need a little extra storage.  Basically, more is more, and we're totally down with the trend of wearing multiple bags at once. We just have to work out how we will ever afford two Chanel bags.

Make that even one Chanel bag.