Meet The Model Making Freckles Fabulous

Maeva Marshall is our new favourite, and she's gorgeous.

Meet Maeva Giani Marshall -- our new favourite French model with a face full of freckles. We can't get enough of her, and nor can the fashion world -- she's been walking the runways at London, New York and Paris fashion weeks and has everyone talking about her freckles and what they represent.

Being darn beautiful, that's what.

But, sure, they're not only beautiful -- as the result of a stroke a few years ago -- they’re also a testament to her inner strength, as they appeared on her face after gruelling medical treatment and kidney problems.

After a series of her medical complications she wound up on some full on medication that made her ultrasensitive to the sun, resulting in a band of hyperpigmentation across the middle of her face.  But she's not letting it stop her tackle the world of modelling.

“I want to be someone who will spread positivity,” the model said. “I have freckles, I have a story, but I don’t want it to make me -- because I’ve already made myself.”

Gosh we love her so.

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Interestingly, while Marshall had become a model before her stroke, it wasn’t until after her skin did its thing that she was scouted at a party by an agent.

Here she is before:

But now she's just been appointed as the French ambassador for Adidas, she has over 50K followers on Instagram and has joined the ranks of the new breed of models -- think Winnie Harlow and Diandra Forrest -- who are changing the face of fashion.

Something tells us freckles are going to be big this summer. And why shouldn't they?

Feature image: Getty