Are Face Masks Really Worth The Money?

We debunk the face mask myths. (And yes, they are)

Check out any beauty Instagrammer worth their salt scrub, and chances are they will have posted a pic of themselves in a mask recently. From sheet masks, which seem to be the mask de jour, to creams and gels, it's hard to know which one will work for you -- or if it will do anything but make you look ridiculous and scare the cat.

But face masks can have great benefits for your skin  -- they can actually do anything for you  -- from getting rid of that pesky zit, to hydrating your skin or brightening up a dull complexion. The key is to use them correctly.

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Dermatologist Dr Andrea Tomizawa, is here at ten daily HQ to debunk the myths about masks, so your face gets what it deserves. (And the cat can relax).

Myth: All masks do the same thing 

"There are a variety of masks available, each with a distinct combination of active ingredients to target distinct skin types and conditions" Dr Tomizawa told ten daily.  "Depending on your skin type, face masks have a range of benefits – including removing impurities and oil for acne, nourishing and hydrating the skin for dry skin, exfoliating and removing dead skin, brightening, and even aiding to firm and plump areas of the skin. It’s important to know your skin type so you can choose the right mask for you."


Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque, $65, is a refreshing, moisturizing masque to remedy dry, stressed skin.

Myth: Masking is an indulgence and not an effective skin treatment

"Masking can be a very effective addition to your weekly routine along with your other skin products," said Dr Tomizawa."Face masks help deliver active ingredients to the skin surface. In fact, a face mask used once or twice a week can help to deliver key ingredients to promote skin renewal and restore the natural skin barrier."

Sephora Avocado Face Mask, $6, nurtures and supports healthy skin by offering intense nutrition and relieving sensitive areas.

Myth: A certain type of mask is better than the other

"Again, this is dependent on your skin type," Dr Tomizawa said. "Sheet masks deliver different benefits compared to product masks. Most sheet masks are hydrating, so are probably best for people with dry skin that needs additional and regular hydration. In contrast to sheet masks, product-based masks may contain active ingredients that are effective for decongestion and preventing breakouts. If you have oily skin and are prone to mild acne, a sulfur-based wash off mask may help reduce breakouts."

Proactiv skin purifying mask, $25, help clear existing blemishes and help prevent new breakouts from forming.

Myth: There’s certain times of the day you should mask and times you shouldn't

Every person’s skin type and regime are different, so tailor your regime to your own lifestyle, she recommended. "In general, the best time for a mask if when you can steal 15-20 minutes of quiet time in your busy schedule.  It’s also true that moist skin that’s freshly washed with warm water will absorb topical products best, so a hydrating mask after a warm shower may help nourish dehydrated skin types."

If you have dry skin and happen to shower in the morning, then a hydrating mask in the morning will help prep your skin for the day ahead.  On the other hand, exfoliating masks may be best at night as they help remove the impurities that build up through the day."

Again, applying a mask to freshly washed skin will give your skin the best chance to absorb those key active ingredients.

Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask, $108, helps soften fine lines and wrinkles for a younger, brighter appearance.

Myth: The longer you wear the mask, the better it is for your skin

"Wearing a facial mask for longer than 20 minutes can dry out your skin and cause unwanted irritation," said Dr Tomizawa. "Your skin only needs between 10 to 20 minutes to fully absorb all ingredients within a mask. Always follow the instructions on masks and be careful not to wear a face mask longer than intended."

Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb Tissue Mask, $4.95, is infused with an ultra hydrating, glow-boosting formula enriched with Sakura Extract and Hyaluronic Acid that intensely rehydrates skin.