Lady Gaga's Alexander McQueen Dress Was Ordered By Her Fans In May

One of her "Little Monsters" tweeted that she should wear it. So she did.

Let us explain.

So Gaga was on the red carpet last night for the UK premiere of A Star Is Born in this aaahhhhh-maaazing Alexander McQueen dress from 2013.

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After going full-on old Hollywood glamour for her red carpet looks in Venice and Los Angeles, this time, Gaga took her historical references back a little further -- to Elizabethan times in fact -- pulling out this archival look from Alexander McQueen, designed by Meghan Markle's favourite, Sarah Burton.

The  Fall 2013 gown came to the party and then some, with  layers of intricate beading, lace, and pleating and a corseted bodice covered in pearls and gold.

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Oh yes and it had a ruff. A RUFF!  And amazing sleeves. And it was sublime.

So that was one thing.

And then it turned out that her fans had been tweeting about her wearing the dress since May.

And when they saw Gaga on the red carpet wearing the exact frock, the Little Monsters were beside themselves.

Nice to know Gaga (or her people) pay attention to her fans  -- what they want, they get.

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