These Optical Illusion Pants Are Dividing The Internet

In the latest of a VERY long line of fashion crimes, there is an new master criminal at large.

These pants are causing confusion all over the world and we can see why.

From fashion store PrettyLittleThing these Optical Illusion Pants ($60) challenge, erm, everything you know about, well... pants.

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White and taupe combine to make you think... well, we don't really know what to think.  Where the white colour ends, it looks as though the leggings are actually shorts -- but in fact they're a lovely taupe vinyl from the knee down. And from the back, they look a little like a skirt that has ridden up between your legs. Now, we've spent most of our lives trying to STOP THIS FROM HAPPENING. Now we are actively going after it?

PrettyLittleThing themselves love them though -- they shared a photo of model Leslie Sidora wearing the trousers to their Instagram page – and it’s so far received over 123,000 likes and a shedload of comments from confused customers.

One person said: ‘Why even wear pants at all?’

Another user said: ‘They look so bad. They’re literally the EXACT color of her skin.’

Another said, "I had to put my phone about an inch away from my face to see what the heck was going on!"

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Despite lots of people not being fans of the trousers -- it seems there are some who do like them, as they’re selling out on the website. Where they cost  $60.

Add them to the list of things we can't quite get our heads around in the fashion world.

Feature image: PrettyLittleThing