Seeing Red: Why Did So Many Dally M Couples Wear The Same Colour?

Dresses come in a range of colours. There are green ones, yellow ones, blue ones and pink ones.

But someone appears to have forgotten that at rugby league’s Dally M Awards in Sydney tonight.

Couple after couple stepped out onto the red carpet, him in black, her in red.

Sam and Rachel Thaiday did it.

Jamie and Grace Buhrer did it.

Paul and Anne Gallen did it.

And so did Darius and Kara Boyd.

And just to vary things up a little, Dally M Medal second favourite Damien Cook and his partner Courtney Blaine wore black and almost red.

Soon it became a quest to find one couple who didn't appear to have followed the black and red dress code -- but they were few and far between.

Here's something you might not know. Stylists -- whose expertise many celebrities and personalities pay a lot of money for -- have access to an assortment of garments ahead of a big event that their client will be attending.

So, it makes one wonder as to why -- given the myriad of colours and sartorial possibilities -- they all ended up choose the black and red combination?

Perhaps all these couples were making a statement... only they  forgot to tell us what it is. Or maybe their washing cycles aligned?

Who knows.

Whatever it is, this year's red carpet -- something which is usually lauded for being one of the more playful fashion nights of the year -- proved a slightly underwhelming and dull mix of colours ... two, to be exact.

One of them the very same colour as the carpet itself.

All Images: Getty

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