This Makeup Artist Just Celebrated Her Acne In The Most Beautiful Way

You might say she's given the term 'starry-eyed' a whole new vibe.

Ask anyone who’s ever had acne and they'll tell you just how embarrassing those spots can be.

And, let’s be honest, most makeup does little to cover those aching, red bumps and usually ends up leaving your skin looking and feeling worse than beforeSkin.

Enter makeup artist Rocio Cervantes.

Instead of covering up her spots, Cervantes decided to embrace them in the most magnificent way possible – by turning them into stars.

Taking to Twitter, Cervantes shared a series of photos showing her rocking bright rainbow-inspired eye shadow, which was perfectly offset by light-pink stars dotted all over her face.

Cervantes says she was inspired to create the look because she wanted to “help anyone dealing with any skin condition know they’re not alone”.

“I’ve been struggling with a lot of breakouts but at the same time I want to do make up,” she wrote, leading her to come up with her new look, which is most definitely a vibe.

To create her stars, Cervantes put stickers on top of her acne and then covered them with foundation. Simples.

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So far she’s already gotten a whole lotta’ love from fellow acne suffers on Twitter, with many crediting her for making them “feel better about their spotty face”.

You go, girl.