Recycling Came To The Emmys -- Respect!

"Stars wear clothes twice" shock.

It's not only Kate Middleton who is re-wearing her glam gowns these days -- in recent times we've seen more than one of Hollywood's big names trot out a frock for the second time.

Today it's Padma Lakshmi. And she rocked it.

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The Top Chef host, 48, is wearing a red J. Mendel gown today -- a frock fans will recognise from less than a year ago, when she wore it at the Vogue India Women of the Year Awards in Mumbai.

“I’m excited to wear this beautiful J. Mendel dress again,” Lakshmi said. “I think in this day and age we should stop sending the message to young women and girls that we all have these endless closets of clothes we never wear more than once, especially on a red carpet.”

She continued, “The hours that it takes, the artisans’ labor and the gorgeous fabrics all deserve to be worn again and treasured. It seems wasteful not to enjoy these dresses.”

And Lakshmi isn't the first to pull a frock out and wear it twice (hey, we do it for weddings, right?). Tiffany Haddish got mileage out of her McQueen, wearing the white frock four times in recent months.

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“Welcome back to my Alexander McQueen dress,” the star joked at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in June, the fourth time she had donned the gown for a big event. She had previously worn it for the premiere of Girls Trip, then hosted Saturday Night Live in November wearing it, and brought it out again for a night out at the Oscars.

“I feel like I should be able to wear what I want, when I want, no matter how many times I want, as long as I Febreezed it,” Haddish said of the designer dress during her SNL monologue. “I spent a lot of money on this dress! This dress cost way more than my mortgage.”

It cost $5755 to be precise. And yes, that does mean you can wear it again!

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