Rihanna’s Fans Think Marc Jacobs Sabotaged Her NYFW Show

Some conspiracy theorists have speculated that Jacobs might have delayed his fashion week show on purpose.

When Marc Jacobs’ New York Fashion Week show ran 90 minutes late on Wednesday night, attendees at the revered event -- including Vogue editor Anna Wintour -- began to wonder what could be behind the delay.

Anna Wintour looks on at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2019 Show.

While it’s apparently an unspoken rule that Jacobs closes NYFW -- it was announced last month that Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty immersive runway show would be the grand finale this year.

Conspiracy theorists began to speculate that Jacobs was running late out of spite and hoping to delay attendees at his Upper East Side show from trekking to RiRi’s immersive runway in Brooklyn on time.

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Vanessa Friedman from the New York Times wrote that rumours immediately began flying at the show.

"Mr. Jacobs was delaying his first looks to get back at Rihanna, who had decided to unveil her answer to Victoria’s Secret, the Savage x Fenty lingerie show, after his show, even though he had claimed the honor of officially closing fashion week long ago.”

The Rihanna Navy quickly jumped to the defence of the "Work" singer and Fenty designer on Twitter.

If the delay by Jacobs was intentional and wasn't just a matter of a few last minute adjustments on the Spring 2019 collection -- then it definitely didn't have any impact on the Savage x Fenty show, which was an undeniable success.

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One fan commented that nothing could have stopped the Savage x Fenty show from being an iconic moment in fashion history.

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