Celeste Barber And Tom Ford Are #CoupleGoals

She is living our best lives.

Celeste Barber has outdone herself. And yes, we know that's a big call. But she's in New York for NYFW and frankly she's living our lives, and then some.

Girl pashed Tom Ford for starters. And then she walked his runway like a boss.

On the opening night of his show she sat front row next to Cardi B -- as you do - before featuring in a hilarious video pashing Ford which was posted on her Instagram and broadcast at the after party.

The video was a parody of one of Ford’s campaigns, which featured two models, Parker and Mia, kissing in an airport-- with Mia’s lipstick ending up all over Parker’s face. Needless to say both Ford and Barber come off a little worse for wear in the video.

But today there was more hilarity with Ford firmly in on the joke. As part of her #celestechallengeaccepted series, Barber is seen in three videos... and they're just perfection. In the videos she's choosing things to steal from his collection...

... in a fitting with the master himself...

... and finally, walking the catwalk with his other models, with little success.

Barber spoke to Vogue in August where she talked about meeting Ford for the first time. “It was quite a surreal moment. It was the most stylish office I’ve ever been in, not that I’ve been in many fancy offices.”

He’s the sexiest man in the whole wide world and I know a sexy man ’cos I’m married to the hottest one ever.”

Barber has made her name parodying models and celebrities on her Instagram  -- and with 4.7 million followers, she's really hit a nerve. She's currently selling tickets for a tour in the USA, with 25 dates on the calendar.

And if you ever needed a reason to love Tom Ford even more than you did before, then this is it:  Barber told Vogue, "He said to me: ‘You are beautiful, you don’t ever need to lose weight’, so now if anyone ever says I need to lose weight, I say: ‘Well, Tom Ford told me I don’t have to, so you can suck a fart.’”

Feature Image: Twitter/Celeste Barber