#FatAtFashionWeek Highlights Body Diversity At NYFW

A blogger's call to show once and for all that bigger is just as beautiful.

There is no doubt that plus size and curvy models are being seen more and more on the runway -- this New York Fashion Week has shown diversity there like never before. But while they were walking down the runways for brands like Chromat,  plus size people weren't being focussed on when it came to spotlighting bloggers and fashion insiders off the catwalk.

Enter fashion blogger Kellie Brown -- who runs fashion blog And I Get Dressed -- starting the #FatAtFashionWeek hashtag to highlight the number of plus size people taking part. Sick of waiting for the street style shooters to come up and snap her, she snapped herself and shared the photo with the hashtag on her Instagram account.

"I’m starting a new hashtag #fatatfashionweek. We are here, we work in this industry, we get it, we are leaders and consumers," she shared.

She went on to share more posts -- and more style pics -- as she got her message across loud and clear, highlighting the designers who are pushing boundaries and including diverse representation in their runway shows.

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"Even in an industry with often narrow views of beauty, the number of wildly fine and impeccably dressed bigger bodies I see walking around this fashion week have me excited and hopeful for the future of fashion," Brown wrote. "Loved every second of the @chromat show last night — one of the most diverse I’ve ever seen!"

In the process Kellie also showed off her style chops -- her outfits lighting up the internet with bold colour clashing. We die.

The hashtag has taken off with over 200 posts about inclusivity at last count -- and an array of outfits and outlooks set to inspire many. It's also brought together bloggers, designers, publicists and writers.

"This weekends events were so dope!" write Kellie in another post. "The number of my fat and fly AF friends working and doing amazing things during #nyfw this season has me so full and inspired! If you’ve ever felt invisible please know that I see you."

Feature Image: Instagram/itsmekellieb