Lourdes Leon Rocked '90s-Era Shells And It Was A Big Mood

And hold up, they're back in shops, too.

You might remember those iconic necklaces made from puka, conch and cowrie shells from the '90s, when the somewhat cheesy jewellery was the adornment of choice for every dreamy surfer guy or gal at school.

Or, in our case, every wannabe dreamy surfer guy or gal.

Oh, and adorable overgrown teen Jake Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine is still repping his own piece of nostalgia to this day, of course.

Jokes aside, looks like Peralta was onto something because '90s-era shells like puka are back, baby, if New York Fashion Week has anything to do about it.

Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon threw her weight behind the revival when she sauntered down the runway on September 11 wearing naught but a pair of ripped jeans and some artfully placed shells.

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Lourdes rocked the ocean-inspired look for her catwalk debut for edgy fashion label Gypsy Sport, and we kind of adore the fact that the 21-year-old was born in 1996 and so likely has no memory of the puka/conch/cowrie shell craze herself.

No matter, though, as she has more than enough cool girl 'tude to pull of anything.

It's also excellent that the shells were attached to a body chain, which is in itself a throwback to late '90s/early '00s fashion. Think JLo and Destiny's Child music videos.

It's not just Lourdes and the fancy fashion people at NYFW that are welcoming back shells as accessories. They've been seen on the necks and ankles of street-style stars and Insta influencers alike.

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Shells are also creeping their way back into mainstream shops like Lovisa, The Iconic and every surfer's go-to, City Beach.

Karyn In La Shelly Wrap Anklet from City Beach, $12.99.

Image: City Beach.

While some brands are staying true to the OG '90s look (ahem, City Beach), others are giving shells a much-needed millenial makeover that might just coax you back on board.

Reliquia Jewellery Seashell Necklace from The Iconic, $139.

Image: The Iconic.

Rose Gold Pink Acrylic And Shell Drop Earring from Lovisa, $22.99.

Image: Lovisa.

The next cringe-worthy '90s jewellery trend we want to see make a comeback? Shark tooth necklaces. Fake ones, of course.

Feature image: Instagram/@etcanada.