Disney Villains Strut Their Stuff At New York Fashion Week

Cruella, Ursula, Maleficent ... oh my!

All our dark Disney fantasies were brought to life when NYC-based designer duo David and Phillipe Blond sent a slew of sexy villains down the runway at The Blonds Spring/Summer 2019 show.

Classic baddies like Cruella de Vil, Ursula and Snow White's arch-nemesis, the Evil Queen were given a goth/punk makeover -- think spikes, crystals and a 'no f*cks' 'tude -- for the September 7 New York Fashion Week presentation.

"We always loved the vixen, the femme fatale, and all the villains have these qualities," David told Reuters.

Phillipe himself donned a gilded cape to open the show, much to the delight of the front row, while other famous faces like Paris Hilton -- who brought along a furry friend -- and beauty vlogger Patrick Starrr also slayed.

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For The Blonds the devil was obviously in the details, with models sporting jagged crowns, knife-sharp nails, statement-making temporary tattoos and Maleficent-esque horns.

Our fave accessory had to be one model's glittering red apple. Was it poisoned? We don't know for sure ...

Phillipe goes for gold. Image: Getty.
Her Evil Highness. Image: Getty.
We just had to include a rear view. Image: Getty.
Quick, hide the puppies! Image: Getty.

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Don't take a bite. Image: Getty.
Sea Witch couture. Image: Getty.
Dalmation gloves? You're barking mad. Image: Getty.
An evil Tinkerbell. Image: Getty.
Patrick Starrr aka Ursula. Image: Getty.
Paris and her pup stepped out. Image: Getty.
Off with their heads! Image: Getty.
Magnificent Maleficent. Image: Getty.
A bleeding heart. Image: Getty.

Feature image: Getty.