The Things Your Hairdresser Wishes You'd Stop Doing

Don't even get them started on your choice of outfit (just kidding)...

Just about any person that works in an industry where they're dealing with customers on a daily basis is likely to have their fair share of gripes.

C'mon, people can be awful!

Take hairdressers for example. Always energetic and bubbly, with a seemingly eternally positive personality, right. And always ready to ask where you're going tonight.

But no human can be like 24/7 right? Especially when they're dealing with your hair. Well not, YOUR hair in particular, though are you sure that colour really suits you?

Surely they have some less-than-positive thoughts from time to time? Like maybe what they really think about your at-home hair dye job? Well turns out, that yes they do have some thoughts on this. We spoke to Founder and Head Stylist Aimee Egan of Aimee Egan Hair about all the things your hairdresser wishes you would stop doing.

Lying about your hair history

Okay, so you might have done a sneaky little dye job at home and thought it would be less embarrassing if you blame it on a previous hairdresser. This sounds like an innocent white lie but the reality is your stylist really does need to know what is on your hair.

“Things like box dyes, henna and home peroxide jobs can cause reactions with professional products during the colouring process," Aimee told ten daily, "and can alter what direction your stylist has to take with your hair. I’ve had black box dyes that have taken me a year to shift, with some not so pretty colours exposed in the process. When we ask about it we're asking so we can make sure we do the best job possible!”

Being in a rush

These days it seems like everyone is in a hurry yet according to Aimee, the one place that you shouldn’t be rushing is at the salon.

“We want to make your experience as enjoyable and relaxing possible but when you come in exclaiming that you’re in a hurry, this instantly changes the atmosphere, puts pressure on us and means that we have to rush when we’d rather take our time to make sure your hair is perfect! So block out more time, sit back and enjoy the head massage instead of constantly looking at the clock.”

Going to bed with wet hair

We all know it’s a lot easier to just hop out of the shower and jump straight into bed without bothering with the hair dryer. But if you haven’t already noticed, going to bed with your hair wet can actually damage your hair.

“Besides the damage that moisture going to do to your pillow and your health (things like breeding bacteria), going to bed with your hair drenched can cause damage. Your hair is weakest whilst wet and while you sleep and it’s likely to cause breakage, especially in blondes. Along with a few knots or kinks that will be hard to get out and style in the morning. Why not sleep in an overnight treatment that will encourage you to wash it out in the morning? A true beauty sleep!”

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Slathering your hair in silicones

We’ve all heard this before, yet it seems silicones are hard to escape. An ingredient in most supermarket shampoos, silicones add another barrier layer to hair strands, so, yes, initially it looks shiny and new but it prevents moisture from penetrating the hair shaft, becomes a magnet for dirt and other ingredients and over time hair accumulates more product build up.

“Silicones do an amazing job at covering up the damage we do to our manes," warned Aimee. "So while our hair can look great when using them, the reality is underneath that buildup, hair can be brittle, lifeless and dull, and can also react with professional colour. If you’ve been using a supermarket shampoo for a while now, try giving your hair a detox with a silicone free shampoo and conditioner. It will remove the build up and get your hair on the right track to where you want it to be. ”

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Dying your hair at home

Yes, you might have been a bit strapped before pay day and your roots were starting to look like you’ve had balayage done, but that doesn’t mean you should let your sister go ham on your hair over a few wines.

“We’ve all been there -- the temptation for a quick fix can be too appealing, but unfortunately this slip can undo months of getting your hair into good condition, and can also add another hurdle into achieving the colour you desire. These days there are great wash out regrowth covering sprays that’ll get you through that extra week. Or why not pop in for a quick toner in-between your colour appointments, you’ll get a few extra weeks out of your colour and it will be looking fab all the time”

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Thinking hairdressers are miracle workers

We all know the feeling too well of leaving the hairdressers in utter disappointment because we don’t look anything like the picture we bought in. Whilst Aimee encourages bringing in pictures of what you really want -- they certainly do tell the story better -- try to remember that they're not miracle workers.

“Bringing in a few pictures of where you would like to be with your hair is great. Your hairdresser's idea of an ash blonde might be completely different to what you consider an ash blonde, and it’s very effective in communicating what direction you would like to take so you don’t leave unhappy, or looking like a nanna."

Bey careful what you wish for. Image: Getty
Although, bringing in a picture saying you want your hair to look like Beyonce’s will not automatically mean you WILL look like Beyonce. Sure, we might be able to get the hair colour and cut right, but we can’t magically transform your hair from straight to curly, nor can we give you Beyonce’s booty."

"It's important to be excited about what you want, but also be realistic.”

Feature Image: Getty