Kylie Jenner's Crystal Plastic Bag Is Just The Bling-inning

There's so much more bling to come.

King Kylie stepped out in NYC over the weekend for a dinner date with BF Travis Scott in a cute and casual outfit that cost about $5,500 because ya know, that's how she rolls.

Cha-ching, right?

She wore a head-to-toe lewk by designer Alexander Wang which included a strapless red mini-dress ($1,300) and embellished black heels ($1,800) which was all well and good but it was her eye-catching bag that had jaws a-dropping.

Grocery-chic. Image: Getty.

That's because it's literally a plastic grocery bag, but covered in Swarovski crystals. Sure, size-wise it's a bit smaller than a regular Coles or Woolies plazzie bag (RIP), but the $2,300 Wangloc Mini Shopper has all the other hallmarks.

The thick pair of handles, the square shape and even the typical "THANK YOU" message that many convenience stores -- or 'bodegas' as they're called in the States -- all scream 'shopper chic'.

Is Miss Jenner aware of the plastic bag ban tearing our country apart right now? Is she making a socio-political statement with her accessory choice? It is unlikely, but an entertaining thought nonetheless.

The youngest Jenner is more likely just showing support for her designer friend Wang, who dressed her for the Met Gala earlier this year. A quick snoop of Wang's social media hints that the glittery plastic bag is just the first in a string of crystal-encrusted everyday items.

If Kylie's blingy bag of choice isn't your vibe, it looks like there's a second option on the cards, with a very patriotic red stripe and a blue 'a' after Wang's first name no doubt.

Also on the shimmery horizon is a very extra ziplock bag. Please don't put your lunch in it for the love of God.

Imagine checking the letter box and seeing this!

A clutch in the shape of a rolled wad of bills? We're screaming.

Is it a top? Is it jewellery? We don't know but it's gosh darn sparkly.

All these crystal-encrusted pieces are part of Wang's upcoming Spring ready-to-wear 2019 collection so you can't splash your cash until November, but one thing's for sure, the future is looking bright, or at least very, very sparkly.

Feature image: Getty, Instagram/@nakednipps.