AFL Star Buddy Franklin Launches Line Of Merch And Yay Sports!

It's got wife Jesinta's tick of approval.

Sydney Swans key forward Lance 'Buddy' Franklin has gone and released his own line of merchandise and tbh it looks pretty good, but if you think this article is going to contain many an AFL-related pun or sporting word-play then full disclosure, you're going to be disappointed.

We literally had to look up what position Buddy plays, and still have no idea what a 'key forward' does. Moves keys forward?? God help us.

Image: Instagram/@buddy.authentic.

A lack of AFL knowledge does not, however, prevent us from examining his fresh line of hoodies, caps and key rings. Ooh there's the word 'key' popping up again. A coincidence? We think not.

Buddy dropped the range, called Buddy Franklin Authentic, on August 16 after teasing the launch for a while on his Instagram. His gorge wife, Aussie model Jesinta Franklin, also got in on promoting his threads via Insta, and it looks like they have her seal of approval. Cute, much?

Image: Instagram/@jesinta_franklin.

The range includes a unisex hoodie ($80) in red, black and grey featuring the 31-year-old's jersey number, 23, and his signature. It looks super-comfy and we can't confirm but expect that the wearer will instantly appear 150 percent more informed about football and other ball-related sports.

There are even mini-versions of the hoodie ($60) for Buddy's junior fans out there, featuring a rather sweet cartoon of the footballer's face. They come in pink and red and are also unisex, which is very cool because as well all know colour preferences aren't linked to gender and vice versa.

Image: Buddy Franklin Authentic.

Rounding out the accessories offering are baseball caps ($30), also in red, white and black, and a key chain, all branded with a cartoon Buddy. By the looks of the online store, we can expect phone cases and socks to come.

The Swannies star -- see, we're getting the lingo -- has shared his top picks from the range, which include a white cap, black adult hoodie and a red kid's hoodie, so all we have to do is add-to-cart to look just like an athlete, yes?

Image: Instagram/@buddy_franklin23.

The merch is on sale now on, and considering the large number of Swans fans out there you might want to move fast if you're keen to get your hands on some Buddy-approved kit.

(Insert joke about kicking style goals) Thank you, we're here all night!

Feature image: Getty.